Friday, June 12, 2009

It's been forever...

It has been forever...OBVIOUSLY...that I have blogged about anything. Why??? I don't know. I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone elses blogs, I guess they seem more interesting? No...That's not it.. I have been LAZY!! Easily distracted!! Addicted to Facebook!!! I can come up with many exscuses... However... I will try to be more consistent:)

Life has been very busy up to just recently.. It has been busy with the buzz of the kids activities. Prom, Dance, Soccer, 8th Grade Graduation, work and so on. Time to stop and smell my pretty flowers in my garden. I have flowers but no vegetables this year, as of yet. My two LOVELY dogs discourage a vegetable garden as I am quite sure they would tear it up:(

Summer...LOTS to do!!! We head to New Jersey next week for my niece's graduation. Arianna will be heading to Alfred in the fall. I am so happy for her, however I don't think she knows or realizes how much she is loved:( I will save her for another day to blog about.

JAMAICA...I so can't wait!!! Family vacation baby!!! July 1st, I will be sitting by the ocean with a fruity drink in hand!!!

London & Paris... will be Jillian's exscursion this summer with her friends... I am Jealous, but scared at the same time. Please!! No one talk about the movie "Taken." I just don't wan't to know..

I have so many thinks I want to go back and write on... I need to make my lists again.

Friday, November 28, 2008

How time flies!!!

Well it has been ages since I have posted anything. Sorry about that. We have been pretty busy lately. I guess I will start backwards.

We had a very relaxful Thanksgiving here in sunny, NC. We had our neighbors, Dan, Sue and Ashley join us for dinner. We spent the morning cooking and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, getting pumped for next Thanksgiving as Jillian is supposed to be dancing in it again.

Last weekend Tom's parents flew in to attend JT's perfomance of the King & I. He did outstanding as the King. We were so proud of him. The compliments are still coming. He says he will major in musical theater when he is ready for college. (He is only in the 8th grade... alot can change in the next few years.) While Tom's parents were here they were also able to take in a few dance performances of Jillian. She performed at the High School day of dance at Meredith College here in Raleigh, as well as she danced with the Railhawks dance team in the Raleigh's Christmas parade. (I know, these southerners do things a little backwards here.) Any way you can check out the parade at .

Let's see, a couple of weekends prior to that we spend the weekend in Greenville, NC at East Carolina University. GO PIRATES!! We traveled with her dance teacher and some friends were they took a couple of classes, took a tour and took in the football game for their Homecoming weekend. It looks as if ECU is at the top of her list so far. (We need to make sure she survives the SAT's next weekend.)

What else is going on.. Oh, how can I forget the other major thing... Jillian got her drivers license. Ugh.. Actually it is a bittersweet thing. It is nice not having to drive everyday to the dance studio, as well as, it was convenient to send her to the grocery store for last minute items on Thanksgiving morning, but...... it is completely nerve wracking waiting to get her phone call when she arrives at her destination... They tell me it will get easier, but will it really???

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom Vs. Teenage Son

So he has only been a teenager for a total of 3 months and already I have had enough. Where is the fast forward button? Someone please tell me.... To say the least, over the past few days you can honestly say my son and I have not seen eye to eye. (I guess it is a good thing he still is on the small size.)

Where to begin...lost cellphone (2nd one for the record)..., broken glasses..(2 more weeks before insurance will pay for another pair), talking back or should I say a comment for everything...example "JT, please finish cleaning your room" and JT responds, "why don't you do something", mother then is sent over the edge...

I asked him to give me a list of his grievences. Here they are...
1. No respect
2. Mom taking things too seriously
3. Mom not getting her way so she yells.
4. Not allowing him to do things he likes.
5. Mom finds stupid things to whine about.
6. Being punished or grounded for making mistakes.

I am hoping that this book that I purchased for him will give him some guidance on how to survive the next few years under mom's roof. If anyone has any additional suggestions on raising a teenage son, please pass them on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Holly Springs High School Spirit Week

At HSHS they are trying to build traditions. This year is the first year of having all 4 grade levels. It opened 3 years ago with only freshman and sophomores. I have to admit it is kinda cool seeing the kids start the ball rolling. This past week was spirit week which finished with a homecoming game against Knightdale. After a disappointing first quarter the Hawks pulled it out and conquered.

The week began with the first annual powderpuff game. Unfortunately the juniors lost but I admit it was nice for the Seniors that came out ahead for the inaugural year. Watch out next year for the girls of 2010.

Tuesday was hippie day.

Wednesday was the controversial Stop Light day. I can't say I really approved of this one.

The color of your t-shirt was to depict what your relationship status currently is.

Red - Your taken (in a relationship)

Yellow - you are talking to someone, or it's complicated

Green - your single

(just for the record, Jillian wore green)
Thursday was class color day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

North Carolina Dance Alliance - "Memories of a Hometown"

We are so proud of Jillian!! She found out last week that a piece that she choreographed was selected to be performed in the Student Choreography Showcase at the annual North Carolina Dance Alliance Annual Event to be held in 2 weeks. She was asked by her director to consider submitting a piece of work back in August so she decided to take on the task. She created a modern piece to the song "Hometown Glory" by Adele, of which she actuall titled it "Memories of a Hometown". I have to share a part of her application description.

"In my student-choreographed piece “Memories of a Hometown” it is based on everything you build in your hometown. You meet new people, make friendships, and make memories in your hometown. In the dance at different times people unite and stand together as a group. My dance consists of 12 dancers that range from 10-16 years of age to give the idea of different ages coming together. We begin by walking through the town and weaving through obstacles of life. Then we stop to embrace what is going on around us. We begin to appreciate where we come from and who has come into our lives. We realize that the community that we grow up in shapes us into who we are today."

I am very proud of the young lady that she is developing into.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The windows are wide open. The air is crisp, cool and clean. What could be better? Well there are a few things that I can come up with that would make it slightly better.

Things that I miss from upstate NY are:
  • The the plentiful apple orchards
  • The winding vineyards
  • the pumpkin patches
  • the rolling vibrant, colorful hillsides
  • above all the apple cider donuts.
Things that I like about NC are:

  • Being able to plant pansies for the winter season to sit along side the mums.
  • The lack of the need of snow shovels
  • The use of rainboots instead of snow boots

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clutter, Clutter, and More Clutter

Ugh!!! I can not believe how much clutter a family can have. That's it, I have had enough. I have begun the downsizing of my families possessions by tackling "my" closet first. I am definitely a pack rat, I have battled the first part of the disease of which I accuse my parents of having. I admit it!! I struggle with parting with things.

I can't wait until the neighborhood yard sale to remove these unneeded things from my home. Goodwill will be seeing a lot of me this week. How do us American's allow this to happen? I never would of thought that I would become so materialistic. I really didn't think we were in comparison to the "Jones's." (As in... "keeping up with the Jones's.")

How many white blouses can one person have? Ok, but yes, the 3 that were hanging in my closet have a stain somewhere on them.